“You give me goosebumps. Your voice is so beautiful, enchanting, enlightening, sensuous, brilliant, loving. You take my breath away. You make my heart soar in the clouds.”
– Joe Legnard

“She is an entirely distinctive figure, musically bold and with an astonishing ability to modulate and vary her melodic patterns… her singing is radiant in its glowing simplicity. She will bring a certain vividness to whatever she touches much in the same way as a proverbial Midas-like artist of today and the future.”
– Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama
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“… [a] superlative collection of covers and originals, liberally sprinkled with A-list guests.”
– Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

“A brilliantly talented singer with vocal chops and exceptional timing that every singer yearns for! Her voice is golden and her approach to lyrics is spot on perfect. Kim has the ability to enhance lyrics without getting in the way. The result captures the essence of emotion that the composer had in mind, together with fitting her own personality into each song making them her own.”
– Robert Nicosia, BlogCritics
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“Nazarian has matchless scat chops that enable her to bend the will of any song to her own. She makes it all look (and sound easy) on Some Morning.”
– C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz
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“This outing is stunningly spot-on not only in its technical execution, but also in her [Ms. Nazarian’s] ability to deftly interpret the diverse range of material.”
– Doug Boynton,
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“Kim’s vocal sound, full, rich, wide ranging, always melodious, brings out every nuance in the compositions, while her interpretations of the lyrics are miniature masterclasses. A thoroughly enjoyable exploration of attractive material by an exceptional singer.”
– Bruce Crowther, JazzMostly
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“SOME MORNING is an outstanding showcase of Nazarian’s voice and ability to deliver a song. The range of material allows the singer to really display the depth of her artistry, whether she’s swinging or bringing a moody ballad.”
– Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page
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“This effort delivers a near-hour of all the sublime vocal, instrumental and creative artistry that a musician’s labor of love can provide. Nazarian is a swinger from Bar One (‘Robbin’s Nest/Boneology’) with a gorgeous, never overpowering set of pipes who can deliver a slick melodic line, a scatted phrase, a prestissimo voice-instrument unison with effortless grace. Her pitch-sense and vocal overdubbing are an immaculate conception.”
– Nick Mondello, JazzTimes
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“This set sets the gold standard for jazz vocals. If you have to throw in with an Armenian woman named Kim, do yourself a favor and make it jazzy lady Nazarian. If nothing else it seems like she has a bunch of friends you’d much rather hang out with than other Kims, especially if you have jazzbo ears. A delightful vocal album recorded at a leisurely pace with a great guest list in tow, this long overdue solo album from the vocal vet was well worth the wait. Existing strictly in its own time zone no matter how hard it crashes into the mainstream at times, this is more of an experience than a record and a listen or two will make you appreciate how you can have it in your pocket at all times. This set sets the gold standard for jazz vocals. Check it out.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Nazarian is someone special, specially attuned to the force within each song…and able to coax it out in a voice by turns sweet, lush, and almost surreal. Nazarian’s first solo album is a thoughtful, sensitive family affair focusing on the heart of each song, meant to move the listener. Every song on Kim Nazarian’s ‘Some Morning’ is carefully, thoughtfully, lovingly made.”
– Carol Banks Weber, AXS
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Remarkable vocal, and so accessible, your more lyrical songs are a bit more conservative and need that second and third listen, which is in no way a negative comment…that’s all about depth and quality…like looking at a great painting and finding something new each look. That’s my favorite type of music and artist.
– David Wilkes

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